The World of HR Today

The World of HR Today

It’s become clear that Human Resource Management isn’t what it was 20 years ago. One primary factor is because of technology. With social media growing, artificial intelligence potentially taking over jobs, and the abandonment of performance reviews, we can see how much technology has changed the HR industry. Listed below are some examples of trends that are driving a dramatic shift in HR as we know it:

Artificial Intelligence – The Topic That Everyone Talks About

Every year there seems to be a new trend taking over HR – first it was predictive analytics, then it was engagement, and now it’s artificial intelligence. Consumer tools such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri were a hit upon release. In addition, chatbots have become a widely-used tool and have attracted copious amounts of technology press coverage. Many of the organizations looking to leverage the potentiality of chatbots were either brand new or were formed from a strategic standpoint with an eye on the future. With that being said, that doesn’t leave much room for results and it remains to be seen if chatbots will be a strategic force or just another HR fad.  

Leveraging Social Media

According to the attendees of this year’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition, scheduling interviews with managers is still difficult, analytics aren’t accessible enough for most HR departments, and candidate engagement in recruitment is still dull and boring. Thus, social media will play a significant role in attracting candidates. Social media has become the preferred mechanism for sharing information with colleagues and interacting with companies. The younger generation prefers to work with organizations that have a strong social media presence.  

Talent Acquisition No Longer Owns Innovation

For the last couple of years, talent acquisition has been the hot topic of innovation in HR. However, that appears to be changing as many new vendors focus on rewards, performance management, recognition and employee engagement. Annual performance reviews are also becoming extinct with powerful tools available for performance and engagement that provide continuous feedback. Performance reviews have taken a backseat due to the fact that they are time-consuming and costly, while technology has streamlined the continuous feedback process.

Human Resources will never be the same. In fact, HR is evolving with technology more and more every day. This department is going through one of the most disruptive, yet exciting periods of time due in large part to the rapidity with which technology advances.


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