WorkingTech Interview:

WorkingTech Interview:

The third innovateworkTO is happening this Thursday, August 17. Here’s the second of a two-part interview with innovateworkTO sponsor Roy Pereira, CEO at To read the first part of the interview, visit our partner title,

Roy Pereira began his first startup after attending Carleton University’s computer science program. Since then he’s created several startups and worked with numerous tech companies based in Ottawa, Silicon Valley, and Toronto.

While at Cisco in California, Roy was an integral part of the team that founded the security business unit, generating more than one billion in annual revenue. As an inventor, Roy holds
patents on remote access IPSec VPN software.

In 2007, Roy started the world’s first Facebook marketing agency. In 2009 he started his fifth startup, known as Shiny Ads, to help the world’s top digital publishers better monetize premium ad buys and, in the process, invented an alternative to RTB called “automated guaranteed.” Shiny Ads was later acquired by Rubicon Project (NYSE-RUBI), based in LA, in 2014.

Here’s the interview:

Zoom claims to help employees get employees back to their real work and leave the busy work to Zoom. What’s the tech behind which makes this happen?

We could not have done 10 years ago.  The reason is that Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) have improved so much recently.  We use NLP to understand what the user is asking, and we fill in the missing pieces by using ML and learning what the user likes and dislikes.

How do you differentiate from your competitors?

What has built is unique in that it mimics what an executive admin would do for a CEO, except that it does it for all employees.  We see some software companies offering bits of what we provide, but not focusing on the real problem and offering a comprehensive solution. also offers its solution via chat messengers as opposed to other solutions that are just web or email based.  We believe that chat is the next big UI of choice and that it offers a ton of benefits to today’s employee.

Who are your key partners and how do they help you help your customers? supports 16 different chat platforms and over 30 data platforms.  Our primary partner is Microsoft since they are the dominant player in the Enterprise software space.

Tell us about any upcoming solution updates to How are you keeping your tech working hard?

We are frequently adding new skills to’s automated assistant.  For example, we just added a document generation skill that takes a document template, asks the employee a series of pre-defined questions and generates a completed document.

The other area that we are always improving is our NLP and ML technology.

InnovateworkTO: Why did you decide to get involved as a sponsor?

From many interactions with customers, we have learned that the HR department is our key partner in bringing to all employees.

Obviously, you and your team have been working really hard, but what exactly are you doing when you’re hardly working (time off)?

Foosball and table tennis!

Lastly, how can we learn more about and attending events like InnovateWorkTO!


Coming soon: WorkingTech interview with League CEO Michael Serbinis. League also sponsor innovatework. Want to know how your company can get involved? Get in touch.

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