WorkingTech Interview: Dialogue

WorkingTech Interview: Dialogue

In this episode of the WorkingTech show, Bill Banham talks with Zack Brown, new VP Sales & Marketing at Dialogue. With Dialogue, Zack and the team are striving to make healthcare more accessible to workers, while also providing employers with a compelling corporate benefit to support the health and wellness of their employees and their families.

Listen to This WorkingTech Episode to Discover:

  • Why Dialogue? Why was it founded and what key primary challenges does Dialogue address?
  • Dialogue claims to save employees time with direct video access to healthcare professionals. Hear trends and examples
  • How Dialogue helps companies attract the best talent
  • Online medical access and the effect on performance?
  • ROI: The cost savings from reducing hours and costs related to the absence of employees
  • Why Dialogue partnered with the innovatework Toronto event series


About Dialogue


Dialogue helps employees be more proactive about their health and gives them access to the right professionals. This includes:

  • Chatting with a Nurse – Direct messaging and video access to a nurse to get answers to their questions or quickly get referred to the right healthcare professionals.
  • Consulting with a Doctor – Direct video access to family doctors and specialists for consults, diagnosis, prescriptions, and medication delivery for conditions treatable with a visual examination.
  • Free Medication Delivery – No more forgetting to pick up a prescription or refill. Your employees can get prescriptions delivered within 24 hours of when they’re prescribed.
  • Seamless Referrals to Specialists – Some specialists will require in-person interactions with your employees. Dialogue will arrange for these through our platform.
  • Care Navigation – High-touch guidance of patients throughout all facets of the healthcare system until their health issue is resolved.
  • In-Their-Pocket History – Access to conversations, prescriptions, referrals and care plans directly on Dialogue.

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