Why you Should be Excited for the Future World of Work

Why you Should be Excited for the Future World of Work

There are tons of reasons why we should be excited for the future world of work. Throughout the last decade, we’ve seen some incredible changes in the workforce, and that’s not the end of it. Research shows that by 2030, millennials will make up more than 75% of management. Since this generation works differently, they will change the status quo of work. Millennials will work through more innovation and change than we’ve ever seen. Here are some reasons to be excited about the future:

No more “Routine” in work: In a workforce that depends on artificial intelligence, creativity is essential. Creativity is something that cannot be replicated, and it is work that will become the most valued in the new economy. Routine work will slowly diminish, while conceptual work will increase.

Customized Education, while affordable: High-quality online education is becoming accessible and affordable, and college debt is slowly decreasing. By 2020, 80% of adults in the world will have an internet-connected smartphone and in today’s society, smartphones are the devices referred to as supercomputers. With the growth of online education, anyone with an internet-connected smartphone will have access to a possible world class education. In addition, education is also becoming more personalized. All students learn differently, and in the future, they will be learning in a “one size fits one” model, oppose to a “one size fits all.”

Workers from all over the world: The traditional office structure is no longer the norm. Recruiters and employees can work for any company from anywhere in the world. Also, organizations will become more empowering and more decentralized, meaning more flexibility, freedom and upward mobility for many.

Artificial Intelligence: Let’s face it, Artificial Intelligence is already happening. When a device, machine, or digital object has a cognitive functioning, AI is released. These machines are capable of performing many tasks, ranging from simple to complex ones. For example, IBM has created an open and free way to answer student questions with the same level of understanding at anywhere and anytime. This isn’t the only thing that’s happening right now, and it’s going to continue in the future.

The workforce is going through some intense changes and the way we work today, won’t be the same in 10 years from now. For one, we are experiencing one of the most innovative period. With constant innovation, we need to have the drive to learn, collaborate, and influence others. In addition, Millennials are the future of work, and they work very differently from other generations. They want to be valued; they want to know that the company cares about the people that work for them. If employers are loyal to them, they will reciprocate it. Millennials are the game changers, how things worked 20 years ago will not work on this generation.

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