How Talent Analytics Benefit the Candidate Experience

How Talent Analytics Benefit the Candidate Experience

There are two sides to every situation, the good and the bad. Candidate experience is a topic that may seem to have been fully analyzed from every angle. However, research proves that applicants who have a positive candidate experience are more likely to stay with the company (if hired), purchase the company’s services and products, and provide excellent word of mouth, even if they do not get the job. However, candidates who have a negative experience will react in the opposite way. Today, the importance of a positive candidate experience cannot be understated, and here are some ways in which talent analytics can help improve it.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics in HR provide organizations with more in-depth information, which in turn allows for a more informed decision making process. This technology compliments talent acquisition professionals by allowing them to improve their response time and analyze traits of top performers. The application of the information can be utilized to improve the overall hiring process by allowing them to zero in on the most critical aspects of the acquisition cycle.

The data gleaned can be predictive in nature and can detect trends in applicant flow, which allows for better preparation and an increased response time when faced with a high volume of candidates. The efficiency and effectiveness with which a company can respond to said candidates plays a crucial role in the candidate experience, as today’s candidates not only desire, but expect to be updated in a timely fashion. Indeed, 90 percent of candidates expect automated frequent updates and 67 percent expect a personal phone call after applying for a position.

The Mobile Experience: People are on their mobiles devices every day, yet  there are still a number of companies (one-third, in fact) that do not have a mobile optimized website. How much does this affect the candidate experience? In short, a lot, as 65 percent of candidates state that they will rarely return to a site if it is not optimized for their mobile devices. In an interconnected world that moves at an increasingly rapid pace, candidates want to be able to utilize their mobile devices for job applications and they want the process to be quick and simple. Applications need to be accessible from any device, should possess the option for candidates to apply from social media profiles such as LinkedIn, and the process should not take more than 15 minutes. Social media has also become an important tool in the talent acquisition toolbox, making it of utmost importance that an organization provides job information for job seekers on networks that candidates utilize for research, such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Candidate Behavior Insight: Technology has helped provide recruiters with more information than every on candidates and their activity on career sites. By understanding candidates got to the site, how long they’re on the site, and what they’re doing on the site, an organization can apply this information to both their overall and regional hiring strategies. The ability to understand these nuances due to analytics is also beneficial in that it allows for an organization to personalize the candidate’s experience by aligning key aspects of its culture with the candidate’s interests and desires.

The importance of providing a positive candidate experience has been the hot topic over the last couple of years. Many organizations now realize that the candidate experience isn’t just a process to hire people. It’s about making applicants feel valued and making the process easier for them in order to recruit talented individuals. Technology such as talent analytics has provided information that has made it easier for recruiters to search for and find candidates, but leveraging that technology in order to ensure the candidate receives a clear idea of what the company does and what it stands for remains integral for providing a positive candidate experience.

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