Recruiting Talent Can Be Achieved Through a Good Candidate Experience

Recruiting Talent Can Be Achieved Through a Good Candidate Experience

Many people tend to overlook the candidate experience as they believe the candidate experience is just one section of a larger talent experience. Treating candidates respectfully is a no-brainer, but many organizations now realize that they must go above and beyond and improve their recruitment process if they want to attract talented people. Organizations spend around $1 billion on turnover costs, which is why positive candidate experiences and honest employer brands are relevant to organizations. Research shows that 40 percent of applicants do not complete the application because they dislike a company’s candidacy process. Listed below are some tips on how companies can improve the candidate experience:

Make it Simple: Do not waste the candidate’s time. Organizations should look into technology that offers a recruiting experience that is simple, quick, and accessible to everyone from all over the world. As mentioned above, 40 percent of the candidates drop the application due to the complicated recruitment process. Think about all the potential candidates organizations are missing out on because of their poor hiring process. Technology can aid an organization in measuring the candidate experience, thus providing them with the ability to fine-tune their recruiting processes.

Don’t skimp on details: Provide all the necessary information such as start date, part-time/full-time, location, qualifications, salary range, any related benefits or perks, etc. Many organizations are ridiculed for their lack of details for online job postings. It benefits both sides of the party. Recruiters won’t have to worry about creating false expectations during the hiring process, and the applicants will know in advance if the job is suitable for them.

Incorporate Good Experiences to Create Brand Advocates: Great candidate experience has benefits beyond creating happy candidates. Research shows that 67 percent of those who had an excellent candidate experience claim that they are more likely to accept a job offer, apply to the same company again, and increase their relationship through brand alliance or product purchases, even if they didn’t get the job. Therefore, they can be “brand advocates”, meaning they encourage others to apply and promote the company’s products and services.

Personalize the recruitment process: In order to create a more personalized experience for candidates, hiring managers need the data and information to learn about the target market to create one-on-one conversation. This means figuring out key data points that help differentiate candidate populations from one another. Organizations can also tap into hidden job markets to find their potential candidates.

If organizations want to recruit good employees, they need to offer a recruitment process that is user-friendly. Poor hiring processes are causing organizations to miss out on potential candidates, which impacts the organization’s bottom line. With multiple ways to tap into the job market, it’s integral that organizations take advantage of every opportunity to nteract with candidates in order to build a talented workforce.

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