Profile: BELAY

Profile: BELAY

Company Description

BELAY is a 100% remote company that offers contract virtual assistants, bookkeepers, content writers and webmasters to help business owners alleviate their workload and focus on things that will help their company climb higher.

About Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY. Bryan (alongside his wife, Shannon) lead a US-based virtual solutions company that has over 550 people on payroll, all working from home, virtually. Prior to starting BELAY, Bryan worked for companies in the tech and construction industries. Bryan obtained his B.A. in Business from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, OH, which is also where he met his wife, Shannon, who also co-founded BELAY.


In 2010, Bryan and his wife, Shannon Miles, felt that their full-time jobs, on the same day, left them choosing between their families and careers. They hungered to create a business and have more freedom. As a result, they decided to cash in their 401Ks and take a leap of faith. They founded what is today called BELAY, a virtual services organization with over 550 team members, that all work remotely, so they don’t have to choose between parenting and work.

What are currently the top 2-3 features/functionality/offerings?

Primarily, BELAY offers virtual assistants and bookkeepers to small businesses across industries. Having a virtual, contract employee helps small business owners save on overhead costs. And with a virtual assistant and/or bookkeeper, business owners and leaders can spend less of their time on routine tasks and more time focusing on company growth. Additionally, BELAY offers content writers and webmasters.

How does your solution/service improve your lives of your customers?

BELAY allows leaders to take charge of their business AND their families. Oftentimes, these leaders are over-worked and hitting the lid of their personal capacity. By hiring a virtual assistant or bookkeeper from BELAY, business leaders are able to focus more on the strategy of their business and their bottom line, instead of scheduling meetings and balancing their checkbooks. With the extra hands on deck, they are also able to spend less time working and more time with family. By freeing them up with BELAY services, BELAY’s clients are able to fall back in the love with their business they created.

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