Interview with Nora Burns, HR Undercover

Interview with Nora Burns, HR Undercover

Nora A Burns recently joined the WorkingTech team for an interview regarding the candidate and employee experiences. Having stepped directly into the shoes of a candidate looking for a new job, Nora shares her experiences of being interviewed with us and highlights some of the challenges candidates face, as well as some of the concerns she has about organizations’ hiring processes. Nora also provides first-hand insights and revelations about the employee experience by discussing her time as a customer-facing employee at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Since stepping into the world of human resources more than two decades ago, Nora A Burns, SPHR, has interviewed and on-boarded thousands of candidates and new hires for positions ranging from file clerk to executive vice president.

Along the way, she decided to study and evaluate the hiring process from a different perspective, by participating in job interviews across the country. She did this not in her usual role of interviewer or hiring consultant, but as a candidate for administrative, supervisory and managerial roles.

As The Undercover Candidate™, Nora has participated in over a hundred interviews to gain insight into the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective. Professional curiosity then took her a step further as she recognizes that effective hiring is only the first step toward building a great workforce. The second phase of her research involved spending a year working “undercover” for a variety of large, well-known organizations as a customer-facing employee in entry-level positions.

Listen to the WorkingTech Interview with Nora Burns

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