WorkingTech is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with Rob Catalano and the team at WorkTango to host an intimate, invite-only event happening in downtown in May 2017.


The future of Canadian HR Technology

The inaugural #iwTORONTO event, happening May 16th 2017 between 5:30 and 9:30 pm, is free to attend and will bring together HR pros, leaders and innovative Canadian tech companies to discuss new tools and processes which really will change the world of work.

Network and learn new approaches to getting things done in the world of work

Apply to attend this event to see what the Canadian HR Tech scene is doing to improve/disrupt/change HR.
Hear From Canadian HR tech companies that are innovating at all levels of the employee life cycle to talk, share case studies, panels, and also here from HR executives on accelerating HR in their business.

Recruiting, Onboarding and Engagement-Focused Brands at innovateworkTO will include:

  • The HR Gazette
  • WorkingTech
  • WorkTango
  • Iceni Media Inc.

The #iwTORONTO series of meet-ups starts with a bang as we invite HR, Talent, Ops, Marketing, Tech and C-Level pros to join us for an evening of learning and networking.

The theme for the May 16 event is:  Innovative ways companies are recruiting and engaging talent.

Each month, we’ll come together to provide speakers and networking ops for HR and leaders in Toronto looking to shape how we engage and collaborate with colleagues in the future world of work.

The event will bring together HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance and C-Level pros to hear from some of the most innovative Canadian tech and people-focused companies making a difference to how we collaborate and perform in the workplace.

Free to attend. Drinks and snacks provided. Seats are limited so RSVP to apply for your place on the guest list. 

Speakers and attendees will be from such innovative tech and HR brands as The HR Gazette, WorkTango, TalentMinded, WorkingTech, Resolver, BlueCat Networks, Deloitte, Knit, XREF, and Dialog.

As an HR and Tech community, we are always looking for ways to improve how we can respond and/or get ahead of our changing workplace. Our main goal is to continually recruit, retain and engage employees, and it is getting more challenging than ever!

The Canadian HR community isn’t sitting back, but pushing forward to innovate. We have gathered exciting Canadian HR leaders and innovators that are making waves at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

What to expect:

You’ll hear what HR leaders and workplace innovators are doing in 2017 to improve the workplaceYou won’t get a pitch of a company or technology, rather innovative approaches of how companies are disrupting current practices and adding high-value to the HR community.

You’ll get to hang with cool HR and Tech people – we want to ensure we network and build connections.

Oh, we got cool drinks, awesome snacks, and a convenient location


WorkTango, 48 Yonge Street – 5th Floor – Toronto, M5E 1G6


5:30 – 6:30  Network
6:30 – 6:45  Event Introduction
6:45 – 7:30  Panel 1
7:35 – 7:55  HR Leader
18:00 – 8:20  HR Leader 2
8:25 – 8:45  HR Leader 3
8:45 – around 9:15/9:30  Networking

Who Will Attend?:

Awesome folks involved with the Toronto HR and Tech Communities!


The event will be at the offices at 48 Yonge St, Toronto, next to Hotel Victoria on the corner of Wellington and Yonge.



Please note: Our first event has a modest capacity of 60-70 people. We will carefully select attendees and confirm at least 2 weeks prior to the event if you’ve been accepted as a guest. Members who are not invited for the May event will get lots of other opportunities to network with our new community as we look to roll out monthly meet-ups. 

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