The Challenges with HR Tech

The Challenges with HR Tech

Technology is now an extremely influential factor that aids organizations in attracting talent, engaging employees in the HR workforce and improving business outcomes. As technology continues to evolve and change the HR environment, it will become critical to an organization’s success. Although technology opens up many doors, many organizations will face challenges that may hinder their success. Convincing senior management to make the investment and getting support from the tech team with regards to implementation are just a couple of examples of the many challenges facing organizations looking to embrace new technology. Listed below are more examples of challenges (as well as solutions to these challenges) many HR managers will encounter:

Keep an eye on both the Hiring Manager Experience and the Job Seeker Experience: There’s no doubt that hiring managers are a key driver of the talent experience – how engaged they are in both the hiring process and technology has an important impact on hiring and retention.

Here are some examples of how the hiring manager should be viewed as a customer:

  1. Use the necessary information to set realistic expectations with the hiring manager. For example, supply and demand data could show them which positions are harder to fill and may require a longer time-to-fill or an adjustment to their strategy.
  2. Ensure open communication and don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager any questions.
  3. Continually communicate with the hiring manager. Make it a priority to become a proactive communicator. The conversation doesn’t have to be long; a quick email is fine.

Automate the process: Many HR managers say their biggest technology challenge in 2017 is automating more of their recruitment and HR processes to free up time. Automating the process frees up the human resources workers. This doesn’t mean that they’re not needed anymore – it just means that they will be able to do their job more efficiently. Therefore, HR spends less time completing paperwork and more time managing people.

Track the data: By tracking and modeling data within the company system and the economy at large, an organization has a better chance of identifying critical skills and the supply for those skills. Hiring managers will have a better understanding of their internal workforce and when they need to fill any gaps. In addition, research shows that 65 percent of survey respondents claim that using big data has decreased low cost per hire, and 68 percent say it has helped speed time-to-hire.

Ensuring the Privacy of Workers: HR managers play a critical role in ensuring the privacy of employees’ information. As technology becomes more advanced and complex, privacy and security concerns become heightened. Employee training which focuses on the methods used to secure private and confidential information is critical in order to enable employees, as well as the organization, to prevent privacy breaches. Speaking with technology vendors and keeping up-to-date with the technological capabilities of the organization are of utmost importance when dealing with these challenges.

The HR department is responsible for organizing and managing people. Retaining talent is vital for an organization’s success, and it all starts with the hiring process. As technology advances, hiring managers have an increased ability to hire suitable candidates.  It’s important for the company to keep up with the latest trends, or else the company risks being left behind as tech-savvy competitors move in. With every opportunity comes obstacles. Be patient and take the time to learn and improve the business strategy. Refer to organizations such as LEHRN, where HR systems professionals share knowledge about strategy, software, technology and services to support best business practices for human capital management & talent management.

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