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How Technology Affects the Future of Work for Developing Countries

Many people are aware of how technology affects the future of work. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient, and in many cases, it does. However, there are numerous was in which technology has, and will continue to affect, developing countries. The West isn’t the only one affected: Low-skilled jobs in industries such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing as well as office and administrative support positions are

How Talent Analytics Benefit the Candidate Experience

There are two sides to every situation, the good and the bad. Candidate experience is a topic that may seem to have been fully analyzed from every angle. However, research proves that applicants who have a positive candidate experience are more likely to stay with the company (if hired), purchase the company’s services and products, and provide excellent word of mouth, even if they do not get the job. However,

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Many people tend to overlook the candidate experience as they believe the candidate experience is just one section of a larger talent experience. Treating candidates respectfully is a no-brainer, but many organizations now realize that they must go above and beyond and improve their recruitment process if they want to attract talented people. Organizations spend around $1 billion on turnover costs, which is why positive candidate experiences and honest employer

How Technology Affects Human Resources

There is no doubt that technology is shaping and improving our work lives. Analytics, artificial intelligence, the rise of online learning platforms and the emergence of chatbots are just some of the many ways in which technology has made its presence known within the HR profession. As technology continues to effect change within the HR profession, staying informed is as important as ever, and the following trends serve as just

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It’s become clear that Human Resource Management isn’t what it was 20 years ago. One primary factor is because of technology. With social media growing, artificial intelligence potentially taking over jobs, and the abandonment of performance reviews, we can see how much technology has changed the HR industry. Listed below are some examples of trends that are driving a dramatic shift in HR as we know it: Artificial Intelligence – The

The Challenges with HR Tech

Technology is now an extremely influential factor that aids organizations in attracting talent, engaging employees in the HR workforce and improving business outcomes. As technology continues to evolve and change the HR environment, it will become critical to an organization’s success. Although technology opens up many doors, many organizations will face challenges that may hinder their success. Convincing senior management to make the investment and getting support from the tech

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The third innovateworkTO is happening this Thursday, August 17. Here’s the second of a two-part interview with innovateworkTO sponsor Roy Pereira, CEO at To read the first part of the interview, visit our partner title, Roy Pereira began his first startup after attending Carleton University’s computer science program. Since then he’s created several startups and worked with numerous tech companies based in Ottawa, Silicon Valley, and Toronto. While at Cisco

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There’s no doubt that technology is affecting the future of work. The growth of technology within the last decade is indescribable. The innovation of technology created jobs that we never expected such as product management and search engine marketing. Jobs such as data scientists, data change agents, and data architects will be in demand more than ever. However, what are the consequences of the technological revolution? Will technology wipe out

Why you Should be Excited for the Future World of Work

There are tons of reasons why we should be excited for the future world of work. Throughout the last decade, we’ve seen some incredible changes in the workforce, and that’s not the end of it. Research shows that by 2030, millennials will make up more than 75% of management. Since this generation works differently, they will change the status quo of work. Millennials will work through more innovation and change than


Gaming isn’t always viewed as a beneficial activity. Many people view playing video games as a source of leisure and entertainment. However, gaming has a lot more to offer and impacts the way we work. Video games aren’t just for fun; they demonstrate innovation, virtual reality, and a collaboration of technologies today – an important concept of how we work, especially with our colleagues. Every game that is introduced to