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Profile: BELAY

Company Description BELAY is a 100% remote company that offers contract virtual assistants, bookkeepers, content writers and webmasters to help business owners alleviate their workload and focus on things that will help their company climb higher. About Bryan Miles Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY. Bryan (alongside his wife, Shannon) lead a US-based virtual solutions company that has over 550 people on payroll, all working from home, virtually.

Profile: Zugata

Company Description Zugata is Performance Management Software for high-performance cultures. It is the only system designed to improve both employee and organizational performance. Our robust platform accelerates employee performance by using sophisticated algorithms to gather continuous feedback, enabling meaningful check-in conversations, and delivering personalized resources to help employees advance their skills. With Zugata Insights, companies can surface AI-powered insights about an organization’s health to create the ideal environment for employee

Connecting Payment With Performance

  Why Your Sales Compensation Plan MUST Connect Payment With Performance Have you thought about how important it is that your sales compensation plan connects payment with employee performance? Let me answer that one quickly: it’s imperative! If your sales compensation plan doesn’t make that connection obvious, then you risk losing your best salespeople and you can kiss your business’ revenue goals goodbye. Sales is a competitive marketplace and the

internal communications

In the day-to-day work of internal communications, it is easy to get lost in the details. While expending all your energy on the need-to-know announcement of the week and finishing your routine internal communications programs, it’s important not to forget the big picture. The immediate work is important and you have pressing deadlines, so consider how to balance your routine work in service of larger, overarching objectives.  Most communications can serve

HR Tech Trends

Technology has brought a significant revolution in HR. In fact, it has redefined the concept of recruitment process. Recent developments have transformed HR in all areas such as recruiting, employee management, performance management etc. Companies have become more employee-friendly. The traditional concept of working in a closed setup has changed. With technology readily available at your doorstep, employees now have the privilege of working from home. Last few years have

How Technology Affects the Future of Work for Developing Countries

Many people are aware of how technology affects the future of work. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient, and in many cases, it does. However, there are numerous was in which technology has, and will continue to affect, developing countries. The West isn’t the only one affected: Low-skilled jobs in industries such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing as well as office and administrative support positions are

How Talent Analytics Benefit the Candidate Experience

There are two sides to every situation, the good and the bad. Candidate experience is a topic that may seem to have been fully analyzed from every angle. However, research proves that applicants who have a positive candidate experience are more likely to stay with the company (if hired), purchase the company’s services and products, and provide excellent word of mouth, even if they do not get the job. However,

WorkingTech YouTern Interview

Many people tend to overlook the candidate experience as they believe the candidate experience is just one section of a larger talent experience. Treating candidates respectfully is a no-brainer, but many organizations now realize that they must go above and beyond and improve their recruitment process if they want to attract talented people. Organizations spend around $1 billion on turnover costs, which is why positive candidate experiences and honest employer

How Technology Affects Human Resources

There is no doubt that technology is shaping and improving our work lives. Analytics, artificial intelligence, the rise of online learning platforms and the emergence of chatbots are just some of the many ways in which technology has made its presence known within the HR profession. As technology continues to effect change within the HR profession, staying informed is as important as ever, and the following trends serve as just

Leapgen HR Tech

It’s become clear that Human Resource Management isn’t what it was 20 years ago. One primary factor is because of technology. With social media growing, artificial intelligence potentially taking over jobs, and the abandonment of performance reviews, we can see how much technology has changed the HR industry. Listed below are some examples of trends that are driving a dramatic shift in HR as we know it: Artificial Intelligence – The