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Disruptive of Tech in the World of Work

Technology has been changing the nature of work for years and has disrupted many industries and created new ones. Computing and widespread connectivity are prime examples of decentralizing in the workforce. So now you may ask, is the digital disruption a good thing or a bad thing?    A report by Ardent Partners showed that 30% of organization workforces are non-full-time employees, and this is expected to grow to 50%

Event Preview: innovateworkTO 2.0

Rob Catalano and I – with the support of WorkTango, The HR Gazette, and WorkingTech – launched the innovateworkTO series on May 16 and I’m pleased to announce that the first event was a great success! There were awesome speakers, a passionate panel debate and lots of networking. Thanks again to our amazing supporters, sponsors, and attendees. On June 20 we are back for the second edition. The June event


The CPSA’s Recruitment and Talent podcast launched this month – promising to tackle the full talent process as it relates to sales people. Topics considered include: attracting, hiring, onboarding, training, measuring, rewarding and even replacing team members. WorkingTech’s very own Kevin W Grossman is the show’s host. Guests include: Mario Martinez Jr, Lori Richardson, Dave Brock and Molly Fletcher.     The Recruitment and Talent show is produced and distributed by the Canadian

Leapgen HR Tech

Throughout the years, the shift of technology in Human Resources has been enormous, and many experts believe core disruptions are expected in the future. It is evident that people management will continue to play a huge role in determining the success of the business, such as aligning personal aspirations with the organizational direction. Organizations must be prepared to make certain changes and set up their talent and enterprise for success.

Event Preview: innovateworkTO - HR, Talent and Tech Community in Toronto

A new Toronto-based Talent, HR and Tech community comes together for an evening of speakers, a panel and lots of idea-sharing. The theme is Innovative ways companies are recruiting and engaging talent. WorkingTech is a proud media partner of the event. Be sure to follow the chat on Twitter. Speakers will be from such brands as MaRS Venture Services, Helpful, Collage, Wexler Human Capital Consulting and Ceridian. The event has been launched by Rob

candidate experience

As a recruiter, it’s important to show appreciation to the applicants who have an interest in working for the company. Providing them with an exceptional candidate experience can change everything. However, many recruiters lack the skills in creating a positive candidate experience. Many of them do not own up to their mistakes and instead, they blame it on external factors such as the technology they use (or don’t use) is

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Work

Artificial intelligence is steadily changing the workplace – helping us to work smarter. HR is quickly evolving around the trend of intelligent assistants to meet the needs of employees and employers alike. Companies are adopting, for example, intelligent assistants such as chat bots, or computer algorithms created to simulate human conversations, answer HR questions, to recruit employees, and personalize learning experiences. A survey taken by the IBM Institute for Business

Profile: Jobvite

Jobvite has empowered thousands of companies, like LinkedIn and Zappos, to accelerate their entire recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding by making it easy, efficient, and effective as possible to find and hire top talent. The Jobvite Modules Built to serve the needs of today’s recruiters, Jobvite Hire helps manage your hiring process more intuitively and efficiently. It goes beyond other talent acquisition tools providing the social and innovative features recruiters

Profile: TextRecruit

TextRecruit helps you engage talent more effectively with text messaging. Add candidates from your ATS, create personalized messages and achieve 40% response rates. Recruiting with text message generates response rates over 40% with most candidate replies taking less than 30 minutes. Teams can use TextRecruit through an integration or as a standalone platform. Candidates can be added by using your ATS/CRM, our Chrome Plugin or by spreadsheet uploads. You can

Profile: Workable

Workable is the most popular recruiting software, trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their hiring. From posting a job to sourcing talent, Workable provides tools to manage multiple hiring pipelines. Transparent communication, organized candidate profiles, structured interviews and a full reporting suite gives hiring teams the information they need to make the best choices. Workable is available for desktop and mobile.