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Profile: BELAY

Company Description BELAY is a 100% remote company that offers contract virtual assistants, bookkeepers, content writers and webmasters to help business owners alleviate their workload and focus on things that will help their company climb higher. About Bryan Miles Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY. Bryan (alongside his wife, Shannon) lead a US-based virtual solutions company that has over 550 people on payroll, all working from home, virtually.

Profile: Zugata

Company Description Zugata is Performance Management Software for high-performance cultures. It is the only system designed to improve both employee and organizational performance. Our robust platform accelerates employee performance by using sophisticated algorithms to gather continuous feedback, enabling meaningful check-in conversations, and delivering personalized resources to help employees advance their skills. With Zugata Insights, companies can surface AI-powered insights about an organization’s health to create the ideal environment for employee

Connecting Payment With Performance

  Why Your Sales Compensation Plan MUST Connect Payment With Performance Have you thought about how important it is that your sales compensation plan connects payment with employee performance? Let me answer that one quickly: it’s imperative! If your sales compensation plan doesn’t make that connection obvious, then you risk losing your best salespeople and you can kiss your business’ revenue goals goodbye. Sales is a competitive marketplace and the

Interview with William Tincup, RecruitingDaily

WorkingTech recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with William Tincup, President of Recruiting Daily, a leader in recruiting, human resources, and talent acquisition news and insights from industry experts. In this interview, William explains how recruiting can act as the center of HR and help build the foundation for a successful company. At the intersection of HR and technology, William is a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor,

Interview with Nora Burns, HR Undercover

Nora A Burns recently joined the WorkingTech team for an interview regarding the candidate and employee experiences. Having stepped directly into the shoes of a candidate looking for a new job, Nora shares her experiences of being interviewed with us and highlights some of the challenges candidates face, as well as some of the concerns she has about organizations’ hiring processes. Nora also provides first-hand insights and revelations about the

Interview with Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference

WorkingTech was joined by Steve Boese, Chair of the HR Technology Conference, for a discussion on how technology is shifting the HR landscape, and in particular, the challenges, barriers, and opportunities organizations are presented with when attempting to gain the most value out of new technology. Steve brings more than twenty years of experience in the design and implementation of complex human resources technology solutions for global enterprises. Currently, Steve

Using Social Media to Attract Top Candidates and Engage your Workforce

Employer Branding In today’s connected world, social media is one of the most powerful communication tools we have at our fingertips. Whether used for connecting with friends, professional networking or even recruiting new talent the possibilities are big. If you’re not still tapping into the power of social media and social selling then you’re falling behind.   Recruiting Top Sales Talent When it comes to recruiting top sales talent there

Transparent Marketing and Selling the Recruiting Process

Step right up and spin the HR technology Conference career wheel – a winner every time! Well, not quite, but the nostalgia of the all my previous HR Technology & Exposition conferences overcame me at the latest one when I realized that all my best and worst career incarnations and near misses are collectively linked to this conference. What’s fascinating about going to the HR Technology & Exposition (or any industry event

Another Social Recruiting Reality Check

Do your organization’s recruitment marketing and social recruiting strategies deliver the best candidate experience? The latest Talent Board North American candidate experience research report can help you determine the answer. It was as if the very social recruiting waters parted for employers, HR professionals and recruiters last June when LinkedIn published this astonishing statistic: “A massive 90% of global professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.” People burst

Profile: Hyr

Work has changed so Josh Karam and the Hyr team are doing their best to make it a win-win for businesses and talent. Hyr, they suggest, makes it easier for business owners and talent to find each other. So we can all #workit, better. Listen to the WorkingTech show with Hyr’s Josh Karam Hyr is supported by influential investors including SocialStarts, Crestview Strategy, and the Gaingels. Hyr is also thrilled to be a member